Month: December 2019

December 29, 2019
Best of 2019 (EP. 118)
Our annual rundown of the most downloaded shows of 2019.  Wishing you a new year filled with wealth, health, and joy. Best of 2019 Episodes: First Meeting Episode 1:  Patrick O’Shaughnessy – O’Shaughnessy Asset Management Episode 113:  Steve Rattner – Overseeing Michael Bloomberg’s Family Office Episode 112:  Dawn Fitzpatrick – Multi-Faceted Investing at Soros Fund […]
December 26, 2019
Board Members in the Art World
Buying art has been around for a while, whether for status or taste. Among the biggest losers in the current system are artists themselves. With art now considered an asset class similar to equities and commodities, collectors are forever on the lookout for rising stars whose work can be bought at bargain prices and then […]
December 24, 2019
GPIF to Suspend Stock-Lending Program
Amazing leadership on fiduciary duty here: If you're renting your shares to hedge funds to short your own stocks (already a questionable choice) then you can't vote your shares. So... GPIF isn't renting'em because it sees the ability to vote as critical. GPIF's stock-lending stance moving governance forward, Pensions&Investments Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
December 23, 2019
First State Super Fee Adjustment
First State Super delivers some precious risk-free returns to its members... 😉 Industry fund cuts fees, Financial Standard Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
December 22, 2019
Dr. Sarel Vorster – Conducting Brain Surgery (EP.117)
Brought to you by: Northern Trust Front Office Solutions | Dr. Sarel Vorster is a practicing neurosurgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. He has a cross-disciplinary interest in the effect of stress and risk on cognition and decision-making and attended Yale to study for an MBA at the ripe age of 50 to pursue that interest. […]
December 19, 2019
Stanford Business Research on Unicorn Valuations
How do you value a startup? A couple of business school professors looked at 135 billion-dollar companies to find out. Determining a startup’s worth can be a challenge. Many are fast-growing and unprofitable, and almost all have complex financial structures. They raise funding in multiple rounds, offering investors different restrictions and protections, and therefore stock […]
December 18, 2019
Indonesia to Explore New Sovereign Wealth Fund
Abu Dhabi has inspired Indonesia to explore a new SWF of its own. Indonesia, UAE explore establishment of sovereign wealth fund, Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
December 17, 2019
No Sovereign Wealth Fund in Macau
No SWF for you. Government formally withdraws ‘sovereign wealth fund’ bill, Macau News Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
December 16, 2019
Canada Pension Plan First Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia
Canada Pension Plan will make its first big infrastructure investment in Indonesia. CPPIB to make first infrastructure investment in Indonesia, Pensions&Investments Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
December 15, 2019
Neal Triplett and Kim Lew – Issues of Management at Duke and Carnegie (EP.116)
Brought to you by: Northern Trust Front Office Solutions | Neal Triplett is the CIO of DUMAC, the organization that oversees Duke University’s $19 billion endowment, and Kim Lew is the CIO of the Carnegie Corporation, where she manages the $3.5 billion foundation created by Andrew Carnegie. A few weeks ago, Institutional Investor named Kim […]
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