Ben Reiter – Over the Edge with the Houston Astros (EP.166)

November 29, 2020

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Ben Reiter, longtime Sports Illustrated columnist, author of the NY Times best seller Astroball, and host and producer of The Edge, a documentary podcast about the scandal that tarnished the Houston Astros.

Ben joined me on the show two years ago to discuss Astroball, which chronicled the Astros rise from cellar dweller to World Series champion in the 3 years after he predicted it would happen on the cover of Sports Illustrated. What happened after was a shock to his system. His podcast is his post-mortem on the team and on his work.

Our conversation discusses what happened, Ben’s assessment of the team and his book, and his conclusions. In the end, Ben found that the Astros’ story is about much more than baseball. It’s about power, money, culture, and accountability. About a modern world where everyone is seeking an edge, and about who ultimately benefits from that world. It sure sounds familiar to our world of investing.

If the conversation peaks your interest, I strongly recommend having a listen to his podcast, The Edge.

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