Ashby Monk - Innovation in Institutional Portfolios (EP.196)

May 23, 2021

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Dr. Ashby Monk is the Executive and Research Director of the Stanford University Global Projects Center. Ashby was named by CIO Magazine as one of the most influential academics in the institutional investing world. His current research focuses on the design and governance of institutional investors, with specialization on pension and sovereign wealth funds. Ashby’s most recent book, The Technologized Investor, is a practical guide showing how institutional Investors can gain the capabilities for deep innovation by reorienting their strategies and organizations around advanced technology. He also recently released a significant white paper on transparency and innovation for institutional investors for the Biden Administration.

Our conversation follows up an early podcast, Episode 29, which is replayed in the feed.  This time around, we discuss the power of asset owners, the issue of transparency, the need for innovation, and the obstacles to achieving it, how and when to create change, examples of climate work at New Zealand Super, the Australian Super Funds, and Canadian Pension funds, and Ashby’s handful of technology start-ups focusing on these challenges.

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