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Katy Milkman - How to Change (EP.199)

Brought to you by: Katy Milkman, the James G. Dinan Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, host of Choiceology, Charles Schwab’s popular podcast on behavioral economics, the co-founder and co-director alongside Angela Duckworth of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, and most recently, the author of How to Change: The Science […]

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Alex Rodriguez - Business After Baseball (EP.198)

Brought to you by: Alex Rodriguez had a 25-year professional baseball career, highlighted by appearing in 14 MLB All-Star Games, winning the 2009 World Series Championship as a member of the New York Yankees, and hitting 696 home runs including more grand slams than any other player in history. He is also the Chairman and […]

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Charley Ellis - The Magic of David Swensen (EP.197)

Brought to you by: Charley Ellis is the founder of Greenwich Associates, author of sixteen investment books, and now a three-time guest on the show. The bookends of his published library - his seminal book, Investment Policy, and most recent work, The Index Revolution, discuss the case for indexing for most investors. Yet one of […]

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Ashby Monk - Innovation in Institutional Portfolios (EP.196)

Brought to you by: Dr. Ashby Monk is the Executive and Research Director of the Stanford University Global Projects Center. Ashby was named by CIO Magazine as one of the most influential academics in the institutional investing world. His current research focuses on the design and governance of institutional investors, with specialization on pension and sovereign wealth funds. […]

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Dan Ariely - The Human Capital Factor (EP.195)

Brought to you by: Dan Ariely is a leading behavioral economist, author, entrepreneur, and the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University. Dan is a founding partner of Irrational Capital, an investment research firm that quantifies the impact of corporate culture and employee motivation on financial performance.  My initial conversation […]

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Innovation in Private Markets 3: Sulaiman Alderbas – A Massive Restart at PIFSS (EP.194)

Brought to you by: Sulaiman Alderbas, the Head of Alternative Investments at Kuwait’s $130 billion Public Institution of Social Security, or PIFSS. Sulaiman arrived at PIFSS from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Development in 2016. Alongside Meshal Al-Othman, who joined to lead PIFSS from the Kuwait Fund, Sulaiman took part in a massive restructuring of […]

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Innovation in Private Markets 2: Mark Johnson – New Leaders in Private Equity at Astra (EP.193)

Brought to you by: Mark Johnson is the Managing Partner of Astra Capital Management, a mid-market growth buyout firm specializing in the communications and technology services sectors. Mark co-founded Astra after twenty years of experience investing at JH Whitney, Blackstone, and Carlyle. He partnered with seasoned deal and operating executives and brought the best practices from large shops to Astra […]

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Innovation in Private Markets 1: Steve Moseley – The Space in Between GPs and LPs at Alaska Permanent Fund (EP.192)

Brought to you by:

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Brian Bares - Qualitative Concentration at BCM (EP.191)

Brought to you by: Brian Bares is the founder of Bares Capital Management, a $5 billion long only investment boutique that employs independent, qualitative research on growing companies to build highly concentrated portfolios. Our conversation covers Brian’s early life investing lessons, bootstrapping an asset management business, and finding product-market fit. We then turn to his […]

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Cade Massey - People Analytics in Investing and the NFL (EP.190)

Brought to you by: Cade Massey is a Professor at the Wharton School where his research focuses on judgment under uncertainty, or how, and how well, people predict what will happen in the future. In particular, he studies people analytics, or how to predict who will perform well in the future. Cade is the co-host […]

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