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Innovation in Private Markets 2: Mark Johnson – New Leaders in Private Equity at Astra (EP.193)

Brought to you by: Mark Johnson is the Managing Partner of Astra Capital Management, a mid-market growth buyout firm specializing in the communications and technology services sectors. Mark co-founded Astra after twenty years of experience investing at JH Whitney, Blackstone, and Carlyle. He partnered with seasoned deal and operating executives and brought the best practices from large shops to Astra […]

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Innovation in Private Markets 1: Steve Moseley – The Space in Between GPs and LPs at Alaska Permanent Fund (EP.192)

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Brian Bares - Qualitative Concentration at BCM (EP.191)

Brought to you by: Brian Bares is the founder of Bares Capital Management, a $5 billion long only investment boutique that employs independent, qualitative research on growing companies to build highly concentrated portfolios. Our conversation covers Brian’s early life investing lessons, bootstrapping an asset management business, and finding product-market fit. We then turn to his […]

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Cade Massey - People Analytics in Investing and the NFL (EP.190)

Brought to you by: Cade Massey is a Professor at the Wharton School where his research focuses on judgment under uncertainty, or how, and how well, people predict what will happen in the future. In particular, he studies people analytics, or how to predict who will perform well in the future. Cade is the co-host […]

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a16z Podcast - All About NFTS (EP.189)

Brought to you by: In our continuing exploration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, headlines of late have turned to NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.  From NBA Top Shots to Beeple’s artwork, NFTs are the hottest use case in the crypto ecosystem. My friends at a16z recently released an episode on their wildly popular a16z podcast called […]

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Yen Liow - The Quest for the Right Tail at Aravt Global (EP.188)

Brought to you by: Yen Liow is the founder and Managing Partner of Aravt Global, a fundamental global equity firm based in New York that manages long-short and long only products. Yen founded Aravt after a long stint at famed family office Ziff Brothers Investments, where he was part of the team that managed a […]

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Dominic Garcia – Risk-based Investing at New Mexico PERA (EP.187)

Brought to you by: Dominic Garcia serves as Chief Investment Officer for the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico (PERA), a $16 billion pension system that serves over 90,000 members and provides over $1.2 billion in annual benefits. Dominic is a native of New Mexico, began his allocator career at New Mexico PERA and […]

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Jeff Housenbold – Inside Softbank Vision Fund (EP.186)

Brought to you by: Jeff Housenbold, a Managing Director for the last four years at Softbank Investment Advisors, where he led one of the six investment teams that deployed the $100 billion Softbank Vision Fund. Prior to joining Softbank, Jeff worked at sixteen companies, including eleven years as CEO of Shutterfly. four years in the […]

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Ted with Jenny Heller – Compounding Knowledge and Relationships (EP.185)

Brought to you by: iConnections, Northern Trust Front Office Solution, Coinbase Prime, and Calvert| As we finish up book launch week, I thought I’d share this interview conducted by Jenny Heller, my friend, the 7th guest on the show, and the President and CIO of Brandywine Group Advisors.  We discuss the business of Capital Allocators, […]

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Ted with Patrick O'Shaughnessy – Lessons from the World's Elite Money Managers (EP.184)

Brought to you by: iConnections, Northern Trust Front Office Solution, Coinbase Prime, and Eaton Vance|

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