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Josh Brown - When Witchcraft Failed (EP.06)

  Josh Brown is the CEO of Ritholz Wealth Management, a NYC-based financial advisor that helps people align their investments with their financial goals. He is well known in social media financial circles for his decade-long, insightful blog, The Reformed Broker, his Twitter handle, Downtown Josh Brown, and his regular appearances on CNBC’s Halftime Report. […]

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The Bet with Buffett (EP.05)

  Today’s show is a little different from my ongoing series of conversations with Capital Allocators.  As you probably know, about 9½ years ago I made a bet with a certain Oracle, in Omaha, that pitted the performance of a group of five hedge fund of funds against the S&P 500. In this year’s annual […]

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Tom Lenehan - Perpetual Thinking at Rockefeller University (EP.04)

   Tom Lenehan is the Deputy Chief Investment Officer of The Rockefeller University, where he helps lead the management of the University’s $2 billion endowment.  Rockefeller University is a unique duck – with a focused mission of improving the understanding of life for the benefit of humanity.  Founded in 1901, it was the first […]

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Brett Barth - Asset Allocation for Families (EP.03)

   Brett Barth is a founder, Managing Partner, and Director of Investment Research at BBR Partners. BBR manages north of $12.5B on behalf of 125 families in its multi-family office. In this episode, we start talking about raising twins, a family issue close to both of our hearts. From there we learn about how […]

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André Perold - The Academic Practitioner (EP.02)

  André Perold is the Chief Investment Officer and Co-Managing Partner at HighVista Strategies, where for the last dozen years he has sat at the helm of a now $3 billion fund that takes a multi-asset class, endowment-like approach emphasizing broad diversification and risk management. Over this period, Andre has definitively rebuffed the cliché that […]

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Steven Galbraith - Five Tool Player (EP.01)

  Steve Galbraith is an investment manager, brilliant writer, engaging thinker and one of the most well-liked men on Wall Street.  Steve’s career has touched every aspect of investment management – he has worked as a research analyst, portfolio manager, investment strategist, business leader, entrepreneur, and Endowment and FO Board member. Steve started as an analyst […]

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