Podcast Appearances & Presentations

05/13/2021: The Derivative: Allocating Assets and Attracting Allocators

05/13/2021: Money Maze Podcast

05/05/2021: On the Margin

04/20/2021: Investing City: Manager Fundamentals

04/16/2021: Market Huddle: Good Process, Bad Outcome

04/13/2021: The Value Perspective Podcast

04/04/2021: The Investors Podcast: How to Invest Like the Best

04/01/2021: Planet Microcap Podcast

03/26/2021: SALT Talks: Teaching Financial Literacy with Capital Allocators

03/24/2021: Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast: CIO Philosophies

03/24/2021: Morningstar's The Long View: How Do You Learn To Listen?

03/17/2021: Pomp Podcast: The LP Perspective

03/10/2021: The Meb Faber Show

03/03/2021: Wealth Actually Podcast: Capital Allocators

03/01/2021: The Acquirers Podcast:  Investing In Hedge Funds And The Bet With Buffett

02/10/2021: The Decision Education Podcast: Probabilities vs. Absolutes

10/20/2020: This Week in Start Ups

11/27/2019: The Compound Show:  What Happened to Hedge Funds?

11/08/2019: The Investors Podcast: A Bet with Warren Buffett

08/29/2019: The Rational Reminder: Much More Than a Betting Man

01/09/2019: The Meeting Strategist: Interviewing Investors, and How His Podcast Made Him a Better Listener

12/01/2017: Rad Awakenings: Money Makes You More of What You Already Are

05/02/2017: Invest Like the Best: The Bet With Buffett

03/28/2017: Invest Like the Best: The Future of Asset Management

10/25/2016: Invest Like the Best: A Deep Dive into Hedge Funds

03/04/2016: Planet Money: Brilliant vs. Boring


05/04/2021: CFA Institute: Introduction to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Awareness and Action

04/30/2021: The Best Investment Books For 2021

04/19/2021: Think Advisor: Hedge Funder Who Lost Famous Buffett Bet Sticks to His Guns on Active Management

04/13/2021: Schroder's: Lessons from a Bet with Warren Buffett

04/05/2021: Pensions & Investments: New Book Culls Institutional Wisdom from Podcast Series

03/26/2021: Institutional Investor: The Secret to Interviewing Asset Managers from One of the Best to Ever Do It

03/23/2021: Insider: 29-year Markets Vet Ted Seides Told Us the 4 Best Pieces of Advice He's Learned

03/23/2021: Fin-News: Former CIO’s Second Book For Institutional Investors Publishes This Week

03/22/2021: Westfair: Greenwich Investment Guru Ted Seides on Turning Podcast into Guidebook for CIOs

03/22/2021: Insider: These are the 29 Bankers, Advisors, and Lawyers to know

03/18/2021: Brunswick Group: Capital Allocators Top Podcast for Institutional Investors

02/17/2021: Business Wire: Veteran Financial Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Investing Podcast Host Authors Second Book

11/18/2020: Forbes: Want To Become A Better Investor? Listen To These Podcasts.

05/18/2020: Value Walk: Top 10 Best Investing Podcasts: Learn from the Masters

03/01/2020: Insider: 10 Best Investing Podcast Recommendations to Help Build a Portfolio

03/03/2019: Barrons: The 7 Best Podcasts in Business and Finance



03/31/2021: Capital Allocators: How the world's elite money managers lead and invest

11/17/2020: How I Invest My Money (chapter written by Ted)

02/29/2016: So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund: Lessons for Managers and Allocators

10/09/2010: Top Hedge Fund Investors: Stories, Strategies, and Advice (chapter written about Ted)

Research Papers

05/14/2010:  The Surprising Cost of Volatility

12/01/2007:  The Next Dominos: Junk Bonds and Counterparty Risk

08/15/2006:  Disappearing Liquidity: Let's Don't Wait Til the Water Runs Dry


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