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December 2, 2019
Changes in Global Temperature as Investment Risk
Two key things: 1) TAI says global temperature change is the top extreme risk facing all investors, 2) 99.9% of those investors have no tools to assess how this risk will affect their portfolio. IE Investors are facing their single biggest risk: blind. Thinking Ahead Institute cites global temperature change as top extreme risk for […]
November 26, 2019
Governments Using Structural Ambidexterity to Innovate
My latest paper (with the very good Dr. Caroline Nowacki) is about something the world needs a lot more of: government innovation! Ambidexterity in government: The influence of different types of legitimacy on innovation, Research Policy Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 25, 2019
Swedish Pension Fund CEO Dismissed
A strange end for an otherwise very well regarded pension fund CEO. AP1 CEO Out After Allegedly Violating Trading Policy, Institutional Investor Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 19, 2019
Private Capital Smoothness
Private capital is smooooooth. Investors should beware the smoothness of private capital returns, Financial Times Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 18, 2019
UK Pension to Monitor Costs
This should be standard pension fund practice. LGPS appoints tech firm to monitor investment costs and charges, Investment & Pensions Europe Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 12, 2019
Richard Bookstaber on Managing Risk
Most financial innovations have been about hiding risk rather than managing risk. Fascinating interview with my buddy Rick Bookstaber. What Risks Are Building in the Markets Today?, WealthTrack Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 11, 2019
Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund to Invest in Private Tech
Norway's sovereign fund is the latest Giant to question whether they can continue to avoid the growing world of private technology companies. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund seeks wider access to unlisted shares, The Times Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
November 4, 2019
The Technologized Investor
So this is something that's happening. The Technologized Investor: Innovation Through Reorientation Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
October 28, 2019
Danish Pension Fund ATP's Strong Returns
What in the actual fu@/< are they doing up in Denmark? Denmark's ATP tallies 27% gain in first half of 2019, Pensions&Investments Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)
October 21, 2019
Pension Funds Missing the Bull Market
Pension fund allocations to alternative assets tripled to over 27% over a time period in which public market indices were basically unbeatable. Pension Funds Chased Alternative Investments After the Crisis. They Missed the Bull Market., Barron's Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund)

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