Capital Allocators Monthly - June 2020

Hello Fellow Listeners, I can't remember a month with more powerful narratives.  I just couldn't find a way to keep the reading list to five.  Announcements and Gratitudes * Behind the Episode - new addition to Premium contentPremium subscribers receive a weekly email describing the backstory, takeaways, and top quotes of each episode, along with coming attractions […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - May 2020

Announcements and Gratitudes * First Meeting Private Podcasts Drop me an email if you’re interested in learning more. For a sample of the output, check out the First Meeting interview with FM First China. Uptake has been great so far - mostly with $2B-$25B firms that have geographic or time constraints. * Feedback on the podcast One avid […]

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Top 10 Best Investing Podcasts

Capital Allocators found itself in familiar territory alongside Ted's favorite investing podcasts in Value Walk's ranking of the Top 10 Best Investing Podcasts of 2020

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Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

This article originally appeared here in Institutional Investor on April 24, 2020 Allocators will eventually allocate — but don’t get your hopes up, asset managers. Ted Seides April 24, 2020 In The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande describes why well-designed checklists improve outcomes. Doctors, pilots, investment managers, and allocators all employ checklists to hone their daily craft. […]

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The Day of Reckoning for Private Equity

This article originally appeared here in Institutional Investor on April 16, 2020 The Day of Reckoningfor Private Equity This crisis is likely to mark the apex of private equity – irrespective of how the drama around accessing government loans plays out. Ted Seides April 16, 2020 The Global Financial Crisis catalyzed a fundamental change in the hedge […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - March 2020

  Announcements and Gratitudes * The show might go on.  Capital Allocators LIVE!  is scheduled for June 18th.  We have a month before we need to decide what to do. If we postpone the event, all tickets holders will have the option to roll to the new date or get a refund. * Calling all listeners for show quotes!  Every Thursday, I post quotes […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - February 2020

Announcements and Gratitudes Capital Allocators LIVE tickets are available (June 18, 2020 in NYC) Founder's Class tickets are now closed, and there are just 5 tickets left at the Stage 1 (Early Bird) price. Visit HERE to purchase your tickets and join the fun! Reading (Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - January 2020

  Announcements and Gratitudes *  Capital Allocators LIVE! is coming on June 18th in NYC with an all-star cast of guests.  Founder’s Class tickets will be available starting next week. Stay tuned... *  Thank you to new show sponsor Selective Search, a Brent Beshore portfolio company that is the leading executive search firm...for love.  Highly curated […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - December 2019

  Announcements and Gratitudes *  Podcasting has taken me in directions I never could have imagined.  I thought by now I'd be back to investing a multi-manager portfolio. Instead, I'm advising allocators, serving on Advisory Boards of managers, hosting private podcasts, giving presentations on frameworks of allocators, and working on content joint ventures.  All while waiting […]

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Capital Allocators Monthly - November 2019

  Announcements and Gratitudes * In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I'd like to express my gratitude for those who have allowed me to keep the wheels turning on the podcast. -  Individual Members:  Each individual subscription goes a long way to expressing your thanks and supporting the show.  If you'd like to become a member, please sign-up here. […]

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