How to Start a Hedge Fund: Interview with Ted Seides

This interview originally appeared in Forbes on May 2, 2016. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a hedge fund?  Hedge funds are both glamorized and villainized by both popular culture in TV series like “Billions” and on the political and legal arena by recent high profile lawsuits by activist investors […]

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The Surprising Cost of Volatility

Published in Financial Times, April 26, 2010 Seeing a rise in volatility, Ted describes the implicit costs that a high volatility regime imposes on investors across leveraged ETFs, hedge fund short positions, tail risk hedges, and institutions with perpetual capital. He ascribes remedies to navigate the environment. Click here for article

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Understanding Hedge Fund Fundamentals and Trends

Published in CFA Conference Proceedings Quarterly, September 2008 In the midst of a meltdown, Ted takes a step back to describe hedge funds using first principles. Separating fact from unsubstantiated beliefs may have assisted investors in focusing on the long-term at a time when participants were myopically focused on short-term preservation. Click here to download […]

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The Next Dominos: Junk Bonds and Counterparty Risk

Published in Peter L. Bernstein's Economics & Portfolio Strategy, December 1, 2007 Nearly a year before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Ted details the massive imbedded leverage in the financial system through the opaque credit default swap market. He forewarns serious and inevitable risk in the credit markets. Click here to download publication

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Disappearing Liquidity: Let's Don't Wait Til the Water Runs Dry

Published in Peter L. Bernstein's Economics & Portfolio Strategy, August 15, 2006 Two years before the financial crisis, Ted warns of excessive liquidity in the markets and suggests a prescription to protect capital against an eventual change in regime. Those following the recipe may have substantially protected capital when the financial crisis took hold. Click […]

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Protege Partners: The Capacity Challenge

Published by Harvard Business School, April 12, 2005 Written by Professor Randy Cohen in 2004 and taught at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Columbia business schools over the ensuing 11 years, the Protégé case enlightens students about fund of funds, a focus on small managers, seeding, and the challenges of growing an asset management business. Go […]

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The Issue of Risk Transparency

Published in Institutional Investor Quarterly, Fall 2002 In the early years of institutional hedge fund investing, Ted discusses the interests of investors and managers to find a common ground in meeting both constitutes needs regarding transparency. Click here to download publication

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